about modelling


The theoretical evaluation of advanced physical and chemical problems constitutes an essential component in our research work and expertise. Our leading edge focus areas include the modeling and simulation of coupled thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical processes of clay materials.

To achieve reliable and informative results on a vast array of both routine and complex issues, we have significant experience in identifying and implementing the most suitable tools and techniques for a particular research problem.

Tools and techniques

Some of the analysis software employed by us are:

  • Code_Bright
    A finite element program for thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis in geological media. B+Tech is a member of the Code_Bright Consortium.
    A general-purpose application for simulating real-world behaviour of materials and processes
  • COMSOL Multiphysics
    An interactive solution environment for problems of scientific computation. COMSOL is specially planned for flexible solving of various kinds of partial differential equations. COMSOL can be applied for readymade solution platforms, or for general partial differential equations to be programmed by the user. COMSOL works in one- two- and three-dimensional geometries, and in combinations of these.