B+Tech Laboratory

B+Tech’s laboratory and experimental facility is specialised in the design and analysis of tests to obtain needed results regarding the performance and behaviour of materials used in Engineered Barried Systems (EBS) under a wide range of conditions and functional uncertainties.

For example, the effect of iron and titanium/bentonite interactions under anoxic conditions, exchangeable ion composition, freezing temperature exposure, and contact with high salinity mixed salt solutions on a variety of material properties (through compositional, mineralogical, oedometer swelling, and constant-head permeameter analysis) have been investigated in the B+Tech laboratory.

Other techniques for investigating the behaviour of clay based EBS materials in different saturations conditions are infiltration tests, thermal tests, water retention tests and non saturated odedometer tests under constant volume or constant load.

B+Tech laboratory provides also advanced geotechnical testing, such as oedometer tests for foundations in soft soils, tri-axial testing, permeability tests for groundwater studies.

B+Tech has experience and capability to design new techniques when necessary for testing materials in different conditions. B+Tech ensures that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained in its laboratory operations.