Ongoing Projects

We are currently contributing to various studies related to the long-term performance of bentonite buffer. Additionally, we are engaged in work on backfill issues and the development of backfill techniques.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Iron-bentonite interaction
  • Titanium-bentonite interaction
  • Cement-bentonite interaction
  • Mechanical erosion of bentonite
  • Fundamental THM testing to characterize bentonite
  • Larger scale THM-testing
  • THM-modelling
  • Effect of freezing and thawing exposure on bentonite
  • Long-term physical and chemical stability of bentonite
  • Design of buffer and backfill components
  • Recovery of sealing properties
  • Development and testing of a backfill design for the repository of spent nuclear fuel
  • Participation in development of KBS-3H repository design.

For further information

concerning our projects and studies, please contact:

Jorma Autio

Jorma Autio
Managing Director
Phone: + 358 40 5160 190