We provide understanding of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) behavior of clay type materials:

  • Laboratory analysis and material characterization
  • Experimental services (design, implementation, data analysis)
  • Conditioning and purification
  • Conceptual, physical and numerical modelling of clay behavior
  • Engineering services

Areas of research, development and engineering:

  • Clay mineralogy
  • Clay chemistry
  • Geology and geochemistry
  • Backfilling techniques
  • Thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in clay
  • Thermo-hydro-chemical processes in porous media
  • Other physical processes in clay
  • Engineering of clay-based systems
  • Excavation damage
  • Mechanical modelling
  • Thermo-hydro-mechanical modelling
  • Thermo-hydro-chemical modelling
  • Geotechnical testing
  • Geotechnical engineering